Retail Team Support


Business Support

With previous experience of managing garden centres including Barton Grange, Wheatcroft Garden Centre, Jardinerie,  Do It All and Homebase the team are able to provide valuable background knowledge and help on all aspects of retail business from product ranging to customer flow. Consultancy days can be offered in isolation or as part of an overall business improvement package.


Team Workshops

Effective investment in your team is undoubtedly the most potent angle for injecting energy, excitement and success into your offer.


With a focus on facilitated learning our workshops are designed to be highly practical and engaging with immediate application to the front line. Though we pride ourselves on assessing our client’s needs and designing custom sessions listed below are some of the regular sessions we deliver;


Introduction to Horticulture in Garden Retail


Plant Knowledge


Plant Growth




Customer Sales and  Services


The Entertainment Factor


Focus on Plant Winners


In-House Training Modules​

  • GW45

  • GW45Plus

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