Retail Team Support
Retail Team Support

Supplier Support
Supplier Support

Consumer Events
Consumer Events

Retail Team Support
Retail Team Support


Supplier Support

New Product Launches

  • Product Knowledge and Consumer Engagement Workshops / Roadshows.

  • Cost effective representation at Consumer Shows.

  • Product Placement and Merchandising  Support.


Writing / Filming

  • We can help you prepare Training Materials to support your products and also produce short videos to get your key messages across via Social Media platforms in an engaging way. 


Consumer Workshops / Events

  • We know how to bring products and projects to life in store.

  • Our active selling team can turn innovation into incremental sales.

  • Great way to support your key stockists and increase Brand awareness


Understanding the Barriers and Opportunities to overcome them

  • We are a great resource for creative ideas built on our extensive travels around the industry.  We know what works and more importantly what doesn’t!

  • We know what it takes to launch new products and build relationships with key accounts. Your Brand Values are in safe hands with our team.

  • We LOVE creating value for our clients. Our Motivation is your Success.

The Garden Works

Supplier Supported Training/Merchandising Programme 2018/19

Taking the time to invest in the teams on the shop-floor responsible for displaying, promoting and selling your products to the end user can be a very effective investment.

For this reason, The Garden Works have over the years developed an effective and economic programme of communicating the benefits to the shop-floor teams and arming them with the necessary enthusiasm and inspiration.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways to suit, however, the most effective are as follows:

  1. The Garden Works can provide a straightforward merchandising service which, if the retailer is willing can be implemented with the help of the team and any features and benefits of the products conveyed to the team at the same time.

  2. Single supplier training obviously places the emphasis on the product range being supported and gives the opportunity to convey the full features and benefits of the product range in question. In some cases, it may also be possible to incorporate a merchandising service to compliment the training.

  3. Multiple suppliers’ products can be promoted through a full day of training covering the whole spectrum of gardening. These days are obviously tailored to the participating suppliers and can cover garden chemicals and products, machinery and equipment, furniture and decorative products. Obviously, the emphasis on these sessions is geared towards the participating suppliers although the attendees will receive a good grounding across the whole spectrum of the garden world

From experience, we know that providing top quality training for your customers will:

  •  Encourage higher sales

  • Improve customer experiences and perceptions

  • Inspire the team into making recommendations

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you inspiring both your team and your customers in the coming season

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