Autumn Promotional Calendar 2015

Autumn Promotional Calendar 2015

Bring your plant area to life this autumn with lively interactive demonstrations and promotions from The Garden Works
Email: Or phone 07768 278163 

Some of our most popular titles are listed below:

  • Successful Spring Bulbs
  • Herbs for the Pot (in the garden and the kitchen)
  • Fruit in Tubs
  • Autumn/Winter Hanging Baskets
  • Colourful Autumn Containers with Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers
  • Fragrance/Colour in the Garden 

All promotions will be tailored to your specific requirements and, can include, training for your own team to carry on with the demonstrations later.


At least one week before the event The Garden Works and the Garden Centre will agree the range of plants and products to be promoted in order that a customer leaflet can be produced.

The demonstrator will call the centre a few days beforehand to introduce him/herself and answer any questions which may exist.

The appointed demonstrator will arrive in plenty of time to set up for the first demonstration. His/her equipment will include a flipchart to advertise timings, a portable, battery operated PA System complete with radio microphone and pre-printed leaflets (they will also have an electronic copy in the event of more being required).

The demonstrator will also be happy to use any existing PA to advertise the event. Demonstrations will be carried out every hour, on the hour between 10am and 4pm (this can be varied according to specific requirements/opening hours etc).

Each demonstration will last approximately 15-20 minutes (the demonstrator will constantly gauge the level of engagement from the audience and react accordingly). This will leave time to answer individual questions, sell plants/products/projects and also prepare for the next demonstration.

From experience we know that providing top quality demonstrations for your customers will: 

  • Encourage higher sales
  • Improve customer experiences and perceptions
  • Inspire the team into making recommendations

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you inspiring both your team and your customers in the coming season

Contact: Kevin Waters, The Garden Works, 9 Long Croft, Barton, Preston, Lancs PR3 5AL