Who is John Stanley?

John Stanley has been called the leading horticultural consultant in the world by his clients.  He has the uncanny knack of seeing where a business is heading and guiding its  direction to maximise your bottom line.

“As a Retail Consultant and Conference Speaker my work allows me to help retailers from as small as a one person business upwards. I particularly enjoy helping family businesses to grow and prosper. In my global work I see new trends in merchandising, display, social media marketing, general retailing, culinary eco-tourism and lifestyle retail. I share my ideas on how to maximise those trends with my clients. My innovative concepts have helped many small businesses to grow and prosper. I’d love to help you grow your business. I share my ideas via my Retail Conference Presentations, Retail Consultancy, my newsletter, blog, facebook, and in the products I offer in my e-store. You choose what suits your needs.”

On September 22nd/23rd 2014 John Stanley and Kevin Waters will be co-presenting: The New Vision Forum (Scotland)